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Fitspiration: These 'It' Girls Prove That Working Out Can Be One Big Party

Fitspiration: These 'It' Girls Prove That Working Out Can Be One Big Party

It’s 4PM on a Sunday as I get settled on a bike in the cycling studio of Ride Revolution; DJ Jess Milner preps her beats while everyone clicks their cleats into place and preps themselves for the next 50 minutes—we’re all up for an intense round of cardio, to the tune of Pharell x Gwen Stefani, says our instructor, Lexi Gancayco. Fashion designer Rajo Laurel is on the bike in front of me, somewhere to the far right near the wall is iconic beauty and 1969 Miss Universe Gloria Diaz; near the mirrors up front are bloggers Laureen Uy and Nicole Andersson; farther to my left near the DJ is Isabelle Daza, who herself is a Ride Revolution cycling instructor.

Other Ride Revolution enthusiasts include Anne Curtis, Rhian Ramos, Jasmine Curtis, and Iya Villania


As we all pedaled, grooved, and pushed ourselves (and each other, thanks to Lexi’s pepping) to go faster and endure more resistance with “Happy” and “Hollaback Girl” playing in the background among other Pharell and Gwen hits, I couldn’t help but agree with what Solenn Heussaff, who was part of the earlier cycling batch, said: “It’s like one big party but you get to burn calories while you’re at it! It’s like my disco since I don’t go out anymore.” And nope, it’s not because the who’s who of the Manila fashion and entertainment scene are there (you'll most likely bump into Anne Curtis, Iza Calzado, Rhian Ramos, and more celebs), but rather, because of the adrenaline you get from the actual activity, heightened even more by the hip lighting reminiscent of those in the hottest party spots in the metro.

It’s no wonder, then, why more and more people are getting hooked on this new fitness craze—then again, by the looks of it, what with the way this workout strengthens the body’s core, tones muscles, and burns maximum calories all as you get to enjoy upbeat music from the instructors’ personalized playlists (they’ve got themed rides as well, like one anchored on songs that incite so many feels for Valentine’s), this one’s not going away and could very well be everybody’s new cardio love. Read on for more proof that this is one work out you got to try, straight from some of Manila’s ‘it’ girls themselves:


“I love the feeling after a ride—it’s a check off your list, and it always feels good after a work out.” - Belle / Her tip for first-timers: “Don’t be afraid to go for it, you don’t have to be perfect right away—you’ll get it after a couple of times. Ride with a friend for more fun!”


“I like the intensity and variety of movements. I like the music and the class setting. It's such a high-energy, supportive crowd that it makes you want to push yourself more.” - Nicole / Her tip for first-timers: “Go early so you can get better acquainted with the equipment and have a fun, open mind! Bring a friend too so you're not struggling alone! *laughs*”


“First several minutes I was still trying to understand my rhythm and speed, and it wasn't easy, but everyone's energy was so contagious you just kept going. What was empowering about it was when I finally found my rhythm, I felt comfortable with my own strength and pace and had the urge to go faster, harder and stronger. Also, realizing that I actually was so open to try something new was exciting.” – stylist Bea Constantino, whose first time it was then to try indoor cycling


“I find indoor cycling to be really fun and felt that I got some good cardio. The most empowering thing about it is I felt like I pushed my body to do more. And I find that a good workout has to be always challenging.” – designer Boom Sason


“You’re motivated by the other people, even if some are better than the others it doesn’t matter since you’re at the same pace because you’re not moving, unlike in running, some are just naturally faster than others. I also love that there’s music, it helps with my synchronizing—I don’t know how to dance so it’s hard for me to find rhythm. I’m less shy to do it in dance class because you see yourself in the mirror and then you get shy.” – Solenn / Her tip for first-timers: “Know your body, know yourself—even if the class is at a certain pace, if you’re tired you just sit down.”

Ride Revolution is located at 3/F Steps Dance Studio, 8465 Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City. Contact +63977-8077545 or visit


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