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Kitchen Whiz: Eat Greek, Eat Healthy

Kitchen Whiz: Eat Greek, Eat Healthy

With the whole healthy lifestyle movement getting stronger and stronger, simple things like drinking the average eight glasses of water or putting more greens on our plates have become a necessity—yep, they're no longer just ways to lose weight or to have a brighter complexion. But while we eat healthy, we try not to compromise on taste. And with a lot of recipes that promise an appetizing way to have our nutritious fix, joining the bandwagon has become appealing event to the most green-repelled human.

Want to jumpstart your healthy journey? Greek cuisine won’t fail to introduce you to great-tasting dishes minus the guilt. We had a chat with Greek restaurant Cyma’s Chef Robby Goco to fill you in on why—plus some tips for when you want to prepare your own healthy baon!

1. Greek cuisine is heavy on seafood and healthy meats. Think crabs, shrimps, tunaif that doesn’t make your mouth water already ,we don’t know what else will. Definitely time to take a break from red meat (it has lots of fat, btw).


2. Every dish is bursting with natural flavors. Lemon, olive oil, oregano, and garlic are just some of the natural taste boosters in Greek cuisine, which all give a straightforward, honest to goodness taste. Afraid it might taste bland? Not really. Try rubbing just salt, pepper, and oregano on your meats or drizzling the Greek staple ladolemono (lemon oil dressing) to your saladseefor yourself how this food magic works.


3. Greek is spice and everything nice. Squeeze a lemon on your favorite pancit, and it will instantly give it a brighter taste. Or enjoy the Mediterranean spin when you infuse lemon and oregano to your dish. Or lace your pasta with olive oil as base—explore away and you'll find that the possibilities are endless. 


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