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Kitchen Whiz: Here's How to Reinvent the Classic Sinigang

Kitchen Whiz: Here's How to Reinvent the Classic Sinigang

Imagine the rich, sour soup of sinigang warming up your stomach, invigorating your body, and giving that asim-sarap feeling with every serving—heaven, right? Truly, it's one of the best comfort foods out there, one that you can eat everyday sans the umay factor. With different cooking techniques and experimentation nowadays, this Pinoy classic now comes in all formsendless possibilities to experience eating sinigang on a whole new level. We recently discovered a recipe that might as well be included on the menu of your next brunch with the fam. The twist? It's crunchy, a combo of two favoritesand oh, the gravy is to-die-for!


Crunchy Pork Sinigang in Calamansi Gravy


500 grams Pork Belly, trimmed and cut into 2 to 3 inch cubes

45 grams tamarind soup broth powder

90 mL calamansi juice

700 mL water

60 mL corn oil

500 grams marinated pork belly cubes

1 liter prepared tamarind soup broth

180 mL calamansi juice

8 pcs shallots, peeled and trimmed

4 pcs tomatoes, chopped

16 pcs Haricots Verts

500 ml corn oil for deep frying

Seasoned flour

For the gravy:

1 pack gravy mix

Tamarind soup base

Calamansi juice



1. Combine the tamarind soup base powder, calamansi juice, and water and mix well.

2. Add the pork and marinate for six hours.

3. Remove the pork belly and discard marinade.

4. Heat the oil and saute the marinated pork. Add the soup broth and calamansi juice and simmer the pork until fork tender.

5. Add the vegetables and cook. Remove the pork from the broth. Reserve the broth.

6. Dredge the pork in the seasoned flour and deep fry until golden brown.

7. Combine the gravy mix in a pot and cook with the tamarind soup base. Season with calamansi juice.

8. Place the pork belly in a sizzling plate and pour the gravy onto it. Garnish with the tomatoes, haricots verts, and shallots. Serve with the extra soup, ensaladang talong, and crispy kangkong on the side.


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Recipe from Chef Brando Santos of Benedetto Restaurant of Estancia Resort Hotel (if you prefer to skip kitchen time and go straight to devouring the sinigang, head over to Estancia Resort, Zone II, Barangay San Jose, Tagaytay City, Cavite)




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