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The Six Fix: Lessons Adults Can Learn from Children's Books

The Six Fix: Lessons Adults Can Learn from Children's Books

Kids are not the only ones who can learn from children's stories. There are valuable lessons that we sometimes forget, and children's books help us in remembering them. Be guided with these simple yet essential lessons to carry everyday, and share them not only to the young ones, but to your adult friends as well:


1. "Be confident with yourself and you'll shine your brightest!" from Anita, the Duckling Diva

Anita overcomes her fear and shyness by continuously practicing the song piece she has to perform for the Tabing-Ilog Singing Contest. In the end, she realized that she just needs to believe in herself to unleash her inner diva.


2. "Trust your guts and chase your dreams." from Ang Sabi ni Nanay, Ang Sabi ni Tatay

Rosalie and Francis are siblings with varying aspirations. Their parents dictate their actions most of the time, but one day, when mom and dad went away and the two were left to stay with their grandmother, they resolved to doing what they wanted to do, which resulted in them being able to make a difference in other people's lives because of their passion.


3. "No problem can't be solved by conversation." from Ang Dalawang Haring Siga

Two kings are locked in their lifelong rivalries, wreaking havoc in each other's kingdom. But thanks to their grandchildren who grew up all together, they were able to talk their problem over and reconcile to regain peace on both sides.


4. "Responsibility requires more than just good intention." from Ang Bata sa Basket

Three frogs found a child inside a basket crying along the river. In their search for the baby's caretakers, they encounter different creatures which all want to prove their worth to be the child's parent. It was a long journey but eventually, they found the suitable parents for the child.


5. "Open your eyes to the rights and wrongs of reality." from Nina Wonders, Nina Asks

It's a story of a child who begins her journey outside the confines of her home. She now sees how people behave rudely and against the rules of courtesy, and she wonders why they choose to do the bad things. Sometimes, you really need to look into the wrongdoings and question them accordingly, as per your beliefs. 


6. "You'll always need your mom." from Yaya Niya, Nanay Ko

This story tells the tale of a girl who yearns for her mother who's a yaya to another child. Years have passed yet she only got to spend time with her mother during Christmas, unlike the child her mother takes care of. But soon enough, when her mother was able to save enough, it's now her turn to get her overflowing fill of her mother's love. 


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