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Best Practices: Giving Out Smiles, One Kid At A Time

Best Practices: Giving Out Smiles, One Kid At A Time

Taking good care of our teeth should be started early on, that's why, remember when our moms would always remind us to brush our teeth after meals? Or when your dentist tells you to have a check up regularly? It's part of our overall wellness, a practice that needs to consistently part of our daily routines.

But unfortunately, not all of us are privileged enough to buy a toothbrush, much less afford a dental consultation. People from rural areas, who also have scarce knowledge on the importance of hygiene and self-care, sadly, can't afford it. 

So Operation Smiles comes to the rescue: A project of Colgate-Palmolive Philippines Inc., which firmly believes that good oral health is a basic right of every citizen, they implement several projects that help communities, especially kids, in terms of oral care. We can already see a lit up world courtesy of those flashing smiles from the little ones. Check out some of their upcoming projects:


1. Bright Smiles, Bright Future. With help from the Department of Education, Grade 1 students from different areas across the country are educated on oral health care and handed out oral care kits. 


2. Oral Health Month. Every February, 100 kids from 100 barangays benefit from this project. Free dental checkups for everyone! 


3. Improvement of Oral Health Education. Colgate reaches out to public health agencies to further improve oral care awareness and dental techniques to communities that need it the most.


4. Scholarships. Hail to the future dentists of the Philippines! Colgate-Palmolive and the Philippine Association of Dental Colleges provide scholarships to kids who aspire to take on their shoes and be a tooth activist in the future.


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Illustration by Jana Maureen Jimenez




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