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Hey You! Single Woman on Facebook

Hey You! Single Woman on Facebook

Remember the last hugot status you posted?

It’s about how pathetic you think of yourself. You condone people for single-shaming you but ironically, you also find singlehood as a curse. Funny isn’t it? How you flood your feed with single empowerment quotes yet not even a single line can convince you that it’s freakin’ okay.

Remember the last video you shared?

It’s about a heartbreaking love story that instantly got you crying. The clip summed up all the feels and the rollercoaster of emotions you’ve been going through. But you shared it not because it’s beautiful, but because you want everyone to feel your pain.

Remember the last photo you liked?

No, scratch that. Remember the last photo you accidentally liked? It’s the picture of your ex and his new loveall cuddled up. Stalking them is your new game. But, unfortunately, it’s a fight you can never win.

Remember the last comment you made?

It’s for your depressed friend who can’t seem to move on from her ex. You said #GirlPower and asked for a girls' night out but we all know how that’s going to end.

Remember the last man who broke your heart?

He’s probably living a happy life. And guess what? You’re still part of the reason why. Thanks to your daily updates about how miserable you are, his ego is out of control now.

It's okay to post your sentiments. But please, know when to stop. We hope you clearly remember everything. So the next time you click the button, we pray your post won't downplay your worth.


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Illustration by Jana Jimenez





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