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Hey You! Misunderstood Alpha Woman

Hey You! Misunderstood Alpha Woman

Every day is a freaking battle you try to win.

Outside, you’re the stiletto-wearing, headturning wonder woman who can singlehandedly take the whole world by storm. Your word is the law, no doubt about that. But behind your intimidating aura and impeccable looks are untold stories of struggle and moments of weakness.

Every day is another pretentious game you play.

Your presence is widely feared, friends turn into traitors and enemies, and the greatest love you once had is now nothing but history. Your can-do attitude is the usual topic of their daily chismisan. Yet despite the hurtful remarks, you still chose to turn a blind eye.

Every day is another deal you have to take.

Either you humbly put down your crown, or continuously reign the crowd and gain their ire. You live a complicated life where your voice matters and sucks at the same time. And it’s always a choice between keeping tight-lipped or voicing out what you think is right. 

Every day may be a struggle but please keep going. No. Matter. What. 

These close-minded people don't see your worth today but someday, someone will. You're fearless soul will take you places. So soar higher! Don't lower your standards to blend in with those who go with the flow. Keep on aiming higher, working harder, and pushing for the change you know will help all of you go further. Hold on to your principles, your dreams, your hopes—know that one day things will fall into place.

Don't let the world change you, change the world with that gentleness and good intentions kept in the recesses of your heart.


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