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Get to Know: Wanderland 2016's Lineup May Just Be One of the Best in PH Music Festival History

Get to Know: Wanderland 2016's Lineup May Just Be One of the Best in PH Music Festival History

You got your ticket and your outfit ready for Wanderland 2016, but how well do you know this year's roster of performers? We give you a rundown of the music festival's major acts, and why they all contribute to one of Wanderland's best lineups to date:


1. Blackbird Blackbird

What makes him stand out? San Francisco-based Filipino Mikey Maramag’s mix of dreamy vocals and warming synths suits those who want electronic music that's relaxing and calming to the senses. Perfect for: Those looking for music that's opposite of the tugs tugs kind of club music. Listen to: It’s a War and All.


2. San Cisco

What makes them stand out? This Australian indie band has made waves for their single (and music video) Awkward, a song that talks about a story involving a stalker. Their catchy hooks and garage pop style define their overall music sensibilities. Perfect for: Those looking for something laidback yet has lines that bring in those #hugotfeels. Listen to: Awkward and Wild Things


3. The Naked and Famous

What makes them stand out? The Kiwi’s second album Passive Me, Aggressive You was highly praised by critics for its approach to pop music, fusing elements of rock, synthpop, and dance to their overall musical style. Perfect for: Those who love the music of CHVRCHES and Passion Pit but missed out on GoodVybes Festival. Listen to: Punching in a Dream and Young Blood


4. Bon Iver

What makes them stand out? Aside from winning the Grammys for Best New Artist and Best Alternative Music Album, what makes this group great is its layered vocals combined with guitars and other instruments in a cozy setting. Perfect for: Those who love the intimate style of Ebe Dancel, Johnoy Danao, and Bullet Dumas in their live performances. Listen to: Skinny Love and Holocene


5. Death Cab for Cutie

What makes them stand out? Being in the music scene for almost 20 years, fans love their music because it carefully weaves through people’s emotions, ranging from melancholy to hopelessness, sans teenage angst. Perfect for: Those who love emotional, coming-of-age songs with lyrics they can easily relate to. Listen to: I Will Possess your Heart, The New Year, and Black Sun


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Banner Photograph by Rafael Reynante / Other photographs from the official Facebook pages of the artists and bands




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