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Life Peg: Cristine Reyes, From Sexy Rebel to Focused Family Woman

Life Peg: Cristine Reyes, From Sexy Rebel to Focused Family Woman

She plays a scorned woman on the ABS-CBN teleserye Tubig at Langis. In real life though, she juggles being a newlywed, a mother, and an actress. And while she was known for her brash and edgy character, the Cristine Reyes you will see and get to talk to now is quite a far cry from the woman who used to chase after almost every thrill and adventure out there. She's fully focused on her family, even making the decision to stop doing sexy projects.

"It’s not propernagawa ko na yun before because I had no limits, sarili ko lang iniisip ko. Right now I have a child already and I wanna be able to say to her naman na pagdating nya sa life ko nag-iba yung priorities ko. I want her to be proud of me, gusto ko pag nagtanong sya may maganda naman akong masabi, and of course, si Ali. Pag asawa mo, exclusive ka sa kanya I want him to feel na I'm his property now," she reveals.

In an interview with ABS-CBN Lifestyle, Cristine shares her new learnings and bits of realization going through motherhood and being newly married at the same time:


Of realizations and responsibilities

Changing status—from being single to getting married and all the announcements that happen in between—drives anyone to unexplored waters. For Cristine, this made her come face-to-face with the transition process. She shares, “It’s a lot different. A lot of responsibilities. A lot of realizations especially sa motherhood.”

And when you wonder just about how she does it, attending to the demands that come with being a top billed actress on top of her real-life roles, Cristine is one to know her priorities. A major part of her realization, she shares, “Being responsible with the family, my husband, and my daughter of course.”


The promise of a lifetime

Being newly married to mixed martial arts fighter Ali Khatibi, Cristine acknowledges how blessed she is right now. Her favorite part of getting married, “Thinking of having a lifetime partner coz not everybody has that eh. It’s very significant… that you have someone to be with for the rest of your life.”


How she does it

Cristine shares her tried-and-tested practices when it comes to balancing her career as an actress, with being a newbie wife and mom:

Make sure you have time for each other. “Make sure you have this date time. Kayo na bahala kung every Sunday man yan, every Monday. Basta kailangan dapat may date time kayo.”

Communication. “Always have open communication lines. Lalong lalo na kung pareho silang may trabaho, or other one has work and other one stays at home, kailangan open ‘yung communication niyo lagi.”

Respect. “Always have respect for each other. Di pwede mawala yung respeto sa isa’t isa.”

Have time to go to church. “Listen to the Word of God kasi kelangan ng tao ang word of God to realize things and para to reflect on.”

Family bonding. “If you have date time, iba yung family bonding. If you have kids already, that’s very important.”


And through it all, Cristine stays true to her DNA of honesty and courage to speak her mind, no matter the controversy, making sure she's setting a good example for her little princess.


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