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Life Peg: Anne Curtis, the It Girl Who's Making A Difference in More Ways than One

Life Peg: Anne Curtis, the It Girl Who's Making A Difference in More Ways than One

Anne Curtis is the quintessential multi-hyphenate, and her long list of achievements is the fruit of her hard work and perseverance, proving that she’s more than just a pretty face. You see her everywhere–on TV, billboards along EDSA, magazine covers and a lot more. After achieving not just success in her career but also in her personal life, the Princess of All Media wears another hat–a job that’s close to her heart, a job that reaches out not just to her fans, but to the little ones who need help the most.

In March of last year, she joined UNICEF as its Celebrity Advocate for Children on top of her other responsibilities in showbiz. Despite her packed schedule, she decided to give time to share and promote her advocacy of helping children all over the Philippines. She has worked on several projects for this cause, including a visit to Tacloban for the children victims of typhoon Yolanda.

Her passion has led her to more projects as a UNICEF ambassador like the Heroes for Children Run which she launched last year. The hugely successful event benefitted UNICEF’s ‘1,000 Days of Life’ campaign.

And she’s not stopping there: Just last month, another opportunity opened up for her. Anne’s inner writer was introduced to the world through her first-ever children’s book entitled, “Anita, The Duckling Diva.” The story tells the tale of a duckling trying to overcome her shyness by joining a singing contest, which Anne says, is something she can relate to. She hopes that one day, the kids that will read her book can take inspiration from it, when it comes to giving your all in your quest for your dreams:


1. Start young. It's an advantage to know what you really want to do head on. Make a list of the things you want to pursue and one by one, take the necessary steps to achieve those. Anne is not an overnight success; over the years, she ticked off those goals one at a time, through persistence and hard work.


2. Never be afraid to try out new things. She's open to anything and is not scared of making errors along the way. For her, it's better to try it anyway and see where it takes her.


3. Learn from your past. Anne, as a kid, was very shy, which is the inspiration behind her new book.


4. Believe in yourself. Anne exudes confidence that's rightful for the star that she is. Don't underestimate your capabilities or bring yourself down. Always look at the positive things about you, and claim it!


5. Do things not just for yourself, but for others, too. What’s great about Anne is she’s acting not just for entertainment, but also to reach out to the less fortunate. She used her position to influence others, which makes her even more admirable. A beautiful and talented lady with a heart, she is–and a woman we all want to be like.


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