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ICYMI: Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Receives An Oscar + The Other Fearless Winners

ICYMI: Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Receives An Oscar + The Other Fearless Winners

If there's one thing binding together this year's list of Oscar winners, it's edge and controversy, with their movies tackling topics that run the gamut from kidnapping and sex abuse, to a financial crisis and surviving the wilderness. They all shed a new light on these age-old issues, making them truly deserving of that much-coveted golden man:

Here are our top picks from among the winners of this year’s Oscars:


1. The Big Short (Best Adapted Screenplay). Historical events like the 2008 global financial crisis are so complex for the common man to digest. However, The Big Short managed to succinctly translate this turbulent time for even the most un-financial person. Plus, with a cast that includes Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, Steve Carell, and Brad Pitt, among others, terms such as credit default swap and investment returns just became way more interesting for the audience.


2. Brie Larson (Best Actress for Room). Her first-ever Oscar marks a significant moment in her acting career, starting off as a guest actress in Jay Leno’s Nightly show, and taking in roles in movies like 13 going on 30, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and 21 Jump Street. She may not yet have a child of her own, but Brie nailed her role as a mom hiding away in a shed with her son for several years.


3. Leonardo DiCaprio (Best Actor for The Revenant). Five nominations later and DiCaprio finally bagged his much-deserved Oscar award. His role in The Revenant as a huntsman who fought for his life after being left for dead is no easy feat, and he made his acceptance speech more memorable by including a message about climate change.


4. Alejandro Iñárritu (Best Director for The Revenant). Along with Leo’s win, Iñárritu’s Oscar win is a rare feat, as he is the first director since the 1950s who won Best Director twice in a row (he won Best Director last year for Birdman). His insistence to make The Revenant as realistic as possible (by not doing CGI scenes), and the film’s focus on nature and the wilderness made his directorial style stand out.


5. Spotlight (Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay). While it only won Best Screenplay and Best Picture, Spotlight's fearlessness in being edgy in tackling clerical sex abuse, a controversial topic in the Catholic Church, is truly noteworthy. Their win is a statement that it's time we open our minds to issues that used to be considered taboo, at the same time bringing justice to victims of clerical sex abuse.


And, of course, who would not forget this moment after DiCaprio received his Oscar?


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