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Monday Musings: I'm A Leap Year Baby But I Don't Really Make A Big Deal Out Of It

Monday Musings: I'm A Leap Year Baby But I Don't Really Make A Big Deal Out Of It

Waking up today, I knew I just wanna be with the people I love. And pray for hopefully even greater years than the past four years.

I love being a leap year baby coz everyone remembers your birthday. It's a cool birthday but I don't really make a big deal out of it. If I have a birthday for the year, then yeay, I do something a little more special to celebrate. But I treat it just like any other yearto keep on growing and learning as I get a year older. The only difference is that I finally have a real day to celebrate it, even just once every four years. Not bad at all!

My best leap year birthday (well I don't have a lot of choices lol) was when I turned 20. I had a pool-slash-graduation party for all my friends. And I cooked and and mixed all the drinks! Everyone just ended up jumping in the pool with their clothes on LOL.

On a more serious note, on this extra day, I hope you do something extra brave. Tell your loved ones you love them, book that trip (!!), splurgeeeee on yourself, or go freaking message that hot Tinder match already, will ya LOL. Take it from me. One big act made with courage and love will go a looooong way. And it won't even be about the pay off anymore. Just do it. You'll be happy, either way. Happy leap day!


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By Randz Manucom, as told to Katrina A. Angco. Photograph from Randz's Facebook page. 

Randz is Metro Magazine's Associate Fashion Editor. He dabbles in freelance styling and writing work when he has the time and loves traveling to exotic locales. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter @randzomeness.


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