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The Six Fix: Love Food? Balance It With Keeping Fit!

The Six Fix: Love Food? Balance It With Keeping Fit!

When you just love food so much you can’t stop stuffing your face, learn to manage how you can still be in good shape. Here are six hacks on how you can balance your love for food and your goal to always be in the pink of health from Regine Sulit, fitness coach of The Foundry Athletics:


1. Drink lots of water. We know you want that second chocolate bar or cupcake, but the key is drinking lots of water to even everything inside. “Target half your body weight in ounces (ex. If you're 120 lbs., drink 60oz a day not including coffee!),” says Regine.


2. Avoid processed food and sugary "goodies" at least five times a week. Do your best to steer clear of anything that comes with labels. Regine shares, though, “Being active, I do admit I still have a ‘cheat day’ to keep sanity at bay.”


3. Make better food choices. “Add in more fruits and veggies and eat more good protein like fish and chicken. My portion looks like this: Half of my plate is leafy greens, a third is the actual carbs (rice, sweet potato), and my protein is around 1 to 2 palm -sized servings.”


4. Move! If you want to eat as much as you can, then you gotta move. “Whether it's taking the stairs instead of the lift, walking instead of taking a ride if it's only a couple of blocks away, hitting the gym, joining a fitness class, or discovering a sport... get your booty workin'!”


5. Sleep at 6-8 hours a day. Being hungry and grumpy due to lack of sleep makes you want to eat your heart out. So sleep adequately and well. “I know, everyone's busy nowadays, but believe me, you'd rather be sleeping instead of watching another episode of your favorite show or scrolling down the abyss of facebook/Pinterest/stalking your crush.”


6. Don't sweat the small stuff. “Stop stressing on small things. Believe me, they're not worth it. Instead, breathe and meditate. Tackle the problem with a clear mind. Still stressed? Go back to 4!” The key to balancing your love for food and good health really is just being more mindful of what you put inside and what you do from the outside.



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