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The Six Fix: From Childhood Friends to Childhood Sweethearts, Why Not?

The Six Fix: From Childhood Friends to Childhood Sweethearts, Why Not?

You’ve practically grown up together, did things together. Here are more obvious signs to tell whether your childhood friend can turn to a childhood sweetheart!


1. You have embarrassing back stories of each other. It’s not just any other story. Your childhood best friend slash potential sweetheart knows the most embarrassing moments you’ve had growing up. The upside? Those actually are what brought the two of you closer to each other.


2. You know each other’s favorites. Whether it’s your favorite boy band or your favorite ice cream flavor, your childhood sweetheart doesn’t only know it by heart. They also try to get it for you and learn to appreciate your preferences, too.


3. You also know each other’s weirdness, quirks, and all. Whether it’s that annoying mannerism or that charming habit, you know it so well you can recognize it even with your eyes closed.


4. You have the look only the two of you understand. Growing up together, you’ve pretty much done everything together. You’ve managed to develop the look only the two of you know about.


5. You keep each other’s deepest secrets. Not only do they keep it, you can be certain as hell they won’t sell you out for anything.


6. You tend to fall in love with each other. Being at each other’s side in almost every life moment, it’s only inevitable that you develop stronger connections and feelings for each other. Yes, deeper than companionship, deeper than friendship. It’s something special tested by time and challenges that come with growing up.


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Photographs screencapped from ABS-CBN Entertainment's official Youtube channel 




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