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Daily Diaries: When the Universe Conspires for an Unapologetic Die-Hard Madonna Fan

Daily Diaries: When the Universe Conspires for an Unapologetic Die-Hard Madonna Fan

At a time where everything goes fast like a speeding bullet, we wonder if there are still people who manage to look up, marvel at the stars, and even wish on it. We don't know if that was the case for a die-hard Madonna fan but he was certainly given a cosmic treat when the universe conspired to make his fantasy a well-lived reality.

In all of the legs of Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour, the pop icon picks a lucky attendee from the crowd to be the "Unapologetic Bitch of the Night" to join the Queen of Pop herself onstage. On February 24, the first night of her concert here in Manila, the universe conspired to give this very special opportunity to a true blue die-hard Madonna fan (Proof: He came dressed in drag, channeling the Queen, and last weekend, he also staged an exhibit paying homage to Madonna). Professional fashion stylist and former magazine editor Shahani Gania, also otherwise known as Super Starlet, might not have been technically picked out from the crowd, as the fortunate turn of events happened while he was having a cigarette break. But you could say it started his lucky streak. From being offered a better seat (perhaps, even the best) to being asked to perform with Madonna on stage, one just can’t help but be a bit jealous.

How exactly was he chosen, you ask? Was there some sort of criteria that made him the lucky Unapologetic Bitch of the Night? That, we really don’t know. Perhaps we can let the universe run its course again. Who knows, it might smile at you the next time.

Meanwhile, here are five ways to make the best out of the moment when the stars finally side with you:


1. Eyes on the surprise. Much like when Super Starlet couldn’t take her eyes off Madonna when she finally came out onstage, make sure to keep your eyes open and wide because surprises like that don’t come by everyday. Snaps are cool, but sometimes what really matters more is what's stored in your own memory.


2. Dress up like big things are about to happen. You see, when you show up dressed in your most rockin' fashion ensemble, you feel great from the inside out. Super Starlet, who came in drag and strutted it all out, certainly dressed up like big things are about to happen... and they did.


3. Prep for it. Whatever it is that you’re wishing upon a star for, wish for it with all your heart and all your might. For Super Starlet, it's simply getting a better seat, a better view. But she came prepared knowing all the songs, so when the universe called on her, she didn’t disappoint.


4. Go crazy when you go for it. Okay, we don't mean to go literally cray-cray. We just mean, go and have the best fun you possibly can should you ever find yourself in the spotlight!


5. Give back and let life reward you. Prior to the concert, Super Starlet organized an exhibit as a tribute to Madonna. Simply believe that when you give back, life finds a way to reward you.


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