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The Six Fix: Love Moves in Many Kilig Ways (Case in Point: JaDine)

The Six Fix: Love Moves in Many Kilig Ways (Case in Point: JaDine)

Now that they went public and made the big revelation about their real life romance, let’s take a look back at how James Reid and Nadine Lustre subtly and at times, proudly showed their feelings for each other. So if you’re thinking about coming out with your feelings of love or expressing it other than through words regardless if it’s for your best friend, long time crush or childhood sweetheart, here are six surefire a la JaDine ways to do it:


1. Lend a hand, a crying shoulder or a hanky when needed. This is pretty basic but a clear indication of how you feel about someone. Being there during a person’s trying time says that you care deeply without having to speak any word.


2. Do something creative. Perhaps by now you’ve seen this travel video made by Nadine of their OTWOL shoot in Lake Tahoe. So something as creative as that or if you’re more inclined to the arts, then doing something out of the ordinary sends your message across: "I really like you to make this much effort for you."


3. PDA. As in public display of appreciation. If you admire a person for their beauty or talent, it never hurts to show it publicly. Like maybe dedicating six posts on your Instagram feed for a blow up photo of her?


4. Do things together. Offer to accompany her on a shopping date. Travel, go someplace together. Nothing says “I want to be with you” better than really being with the person. So take the opportunities when they come. 


5. Meet the parents. Chill. It doesn’t have to be a formal, sort of “pamamanhikan” kind of thing. But when you express your intent and openness to meet the parents, that’s serious business, bro.


6. Say the words. It’s been said a billion times before: Actions speak louder than words. But while that's true, in certain cases, saying it in words matter, too. So look the person in the eye, say how you feel, tell the world. It doesn’t matter where; just say something.



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