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The Six Fix: Leah-Approved Ways to Handle Ex Encounters

The Six Fix: Leah-Approved Ways to Handle Ex Encounters

Ex encounters are truly challenging: The unexpected rush of heat you feel in your face, the quick jump of your heart, and the surge of memories sends one on a haywire of long undisturbed, and needless to say, wish-you'd-just-forget, feelings. This episode leaves the person confounded, but do not let this get the best of you. Heed one or heed all of these Leah-Approved ways, so the next time you bump into your Clark (or Simon, if a third party is involved. Or both), you know what to do:


1. When you see your ex after a long time.. If you're on good terms, a casual "hi!" would do. Then ask him how he is, but do not linger on conversation. After all, both of you decided to end the chapter of your love storydo it for your heart's safety. If you're not on good terms... well, the best you can do is smile at him, then walk away.


2. When you and your former flame become workmates... You were caught off-guard the moment your boss announces who the new hire is: None other than the still-as-handsome-as-ever ex-boyfie. Uh-oh. Always remember to act professional and don't hold a grudge against him just because he was a total jerk before, especially if he seems to be becoming the boss' favorite. Do the dirty backstabbing out of the office with your friends, not with your officemates, for goodness' sake.


3. When you and your ex get stuck in an isolated place... No matter if it's a resthouse or the elevator or the meeting room, being alone with your ex spells A-W-K-W-A-R-D. Keep your calm, breathe in, breathe out. Think of the errands you need to finish, or other distractions you can come up with in your head. If he initiates small talk, answer only what is asked, and politely. Pray hard that someone will come and rescue you from this sticky situation.


4. When this past love kisses you... Eek! And now he's crossed the line. You have two options: One, kiss him back because you realize you still love him and want him back in your life. Or two, push him away and give him a fat slap on the face. He deserves it anyway.


5. When the third wheel of you and the love of your life's story suddenly enters the scene... Okay, so you have just been defeated and have stopped being in denial and yes, you and your ex did share that kiss. But then your boss a.k.a The Other Lover knocks on the door, cutting the would-be "talk." Nice timing, bro. Channel Leah and pretend that he didn't interrupt anything. Reserve all those deeply buried emotions for next time, girl.


6. When the person you love and the person who loves you make you choose between them on the spot, face-to-face... There are just three steps to remember, really: First, glare at each of them. Second, give a witty answer a la-Leah ("Wala akong pipiliin kasi parehas alak, parehas masakit sa ulo," on Clark and Simon's question if she'll go for basi or for champagne). And third, do the old-fashioned walk out. Neither will dare grill you anymore.


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