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The Six Fix: What We Hope Politicians Can Learn From Canadian PM Justin Trudeau

The Six Fix: What We Hope Politicians Can Learn From Canadian PM Justin Trudeau

We get it, politics is a different jungle altogether. But since the core really of being in office is public service, and improving the lives of the people in general, here are six takeaways we hope our politicians can peg Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for:


1. His commitment to having a gender-balanced cabinet. After assuming his position as Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister, he made sure that his cabinet has equal representation of both sexes—male and female.


2. His support for the LGBT community. News reported today that Trudeau shall be the first ever Prime Minister said to join Toronto’s Pride Parade in July. Now that’s an admirable show of support.


3. His generosity for the needy. It doesn’t even matter whether the people were Canadians or not. Media outlets reported Trudeau personally welcoming Syrian refugees and handing them warm winter coats.


4. His being a good husband. While his reputation for being liberal precedes him, his values centered on marriage remains intact. Not to mention, his devotion when he looks at his wife.


5. His being a family man. If he can serve a family, the basic unit of any society well, then it’s a good indication how he can lead the country.


6. His physique and perhaps, overall level of hotness. Okay, maybe this is too much to ask. But a girl (especially if she’s a voter) can dream, right? 



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