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Cultured!: The People You Meet at Music Festivals—and Who Best to Be BFFs With

Cultured!: The People You Meet at Music Festivals—and Who Best to Be BFFs With

Featuring a broad selection of artists and music genres, music festivals cater to people from different walks of life, making them great venues for meeting new people, making new friends, and learning about their stories.  But before going to a music festival, whether you will be with friends, your special someone, or just by yourself, you better be prepared to meet these kinds of people whom you’ll encounter, in one way or another, as you savor good music (and good food) at the event grounds:


1. The avid fan. Of course, they go to music festivals because their favorite artist is performing. They would arrive with posters declaring their admiration (and to catch the artist’s attention), featuring this phrase more often that not “I love you [insert name of artist]". They even arrive at the event in an OOTD that closely resembles their idol’s signature look.

Hang out with them: To know more about the artist they are raving about, and what really makes X artist tick (plus insider info about future concerts or shows!).


2. The lovey-dovey couple. Music is one of their ways to bond and strengthen their relationship. They would usually arrive in coordinated outfits, and they love taking wefies with one another (and snaps of each other!) while the artists are performing on stage. Sometimes, they can be a bit too sweet for comfort as they cuddle and canoodle the concert away.

Hang out with them: It’s better to leave them alone, actually. Let them enjoy their sweet moments to the hilt (unless you really know them). It'll save you from being uncomfortable, too.


3. The party people. They love dancing and jumping around as the DJ drops the bass, and they groove to the beat as if there's no tomorrow. It doesn't matter if they know the song or not; what matters to them are the pulsating beats. Even during the wee hours of the morning, they seem like they never run out of energy and stamina.

Hang out with them: If you want to be recharged without grabbing an energy drink.


4. The music explorer. They go to a music festival because they love the crowd, and they love to explore other genres. They are the most congenial people out there: While exploring new music, they're also very open to make new friends.

Hang out with them: To expand your horizons and learn more about music in general. A dose of new music can lead to new friendships as well.


5. The squad. They come in a group, and choose a spot along the event grounds where they can sit down, eat good food, and listen to good music together. Unlike the avid fan and the party people, they are chill during music festivals.

Hang out with them: If you think you share the same interests. #squadgoals


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Illustrations by Jana Jimenez.




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