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The D Word: From the Sweetest of Best Friends to Starry-Eyed Lovers

The D Word: From the Sweetest of Best Friends to Starry-Eyed Lovers

As the best of friends, you’ve probably weathered plenty of times—both good and bad—together. At some point, you’ve felt the closeness grow each day with every laughter, every sobbing party shared. Until you both became too attached, and your feelings escalated. One day, you just woke up and realized it can’t be plain friendship anymore. So you talked it out and made the jump.

Just look at James Reid and Nadine Lustre—from the sweetest of best friends to starry-eyed lovers. Much like when the inevitable happened and you and your best friend fell in love with each other, there are also other things bound to happen with this kind of transition. Here are five convenient, and perhaps even inconvenient, changes coming your way:


1. Out, Loud, and Proud. From being this cutesy friendly pair to making the formal announcement of being a romantic couple, you get to be more open and vocal about your feelings for each other. You can feel the relief that comes from not having to hide the feels anymore. So relax, breathe easy now.

That "you and me against the world" feels. 


2. HHWW. Holding hands while walking? No, that’s sooo ages ago. HHWW now means, Hold Hands, Whenever, Wherever. Yes, you got that right. Being a couple now gives you the freedom not just to express yourself in words openly, but also to show the world those intertwined hands.

Redefining HHWW: Hold hands, whenever, wherever.


3. From “tampo” to “LQs”. As best friends, you get these random “tampuhans” every now and then. But you really don’t have to wait so long because the next thing you know, you’re back cracking jokes with each other again. However, when you make the jump to the lovers’ side, you now get these “LQs” or Lovers’ Quarrels. And if you must know, some fights, depending on its gravity, may lead to a breakup. Tread carefully.

 Cue music... "I get lost in those eyes."


4. Everybody talks. The moment you announce you’ve become a couple, watch how fast people start talking, giving their thoughts about your newfound relationship whether solicited or not. By nature, some people can be just way too opinionated and there’s nothing you can do about that. Just remind yourself to filter the noise and get back to what matters: You and your partner.


If you need to give people something to talk about, let it be love. 


5. The basics and more. The thing about a romantic relationship, it’s always best when it blossomed from a stable, solid ground like friendship. Being in love with your best friend can be the best thing ever. Because when the phase of feeling in love dies down or when the battles become harder to fight, you’d have to get back to the basics, to being best friends first and foremost, in the hopes you can continue to have more.

JaDine, from best friends to starry-eyed lovers #TeamReal.


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Photographs by Sany Chua 




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