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Hey You! Doubter of On-Screen Couples Turned Real Life Lovers

Hey You! Doubter of On-Screen Couples Turned Real Life Lovers

When they say “we’re just friends,” you don’t believe them. When they announce, “we’re official,” you doubt them as well.

Will you ever believe anything they say?

You have seen their most kilig moments on-screen—their every intimate stare that searches each other’s soul, every touch that shows care, every kiss and hug so passionate that they seem so real. And you like them better that way.

But who says they can’t be for real?

It isn't impossible that all this time, they're not just acting anymore. That a part of themselves are already in the scene.

They have known each other for quite a long time since they started working together. They have shared sleepless nights taping your most favorite scenes, laughed at each other's mistakenly delivered lines, and enjoyed countless bonding moments off cam. They have been each other’s companion and friend in good times and in bad. And in the process, they fell for each other.

Maybe, you don’t believe in happily ever after anymore. Or in this case, in people like them.

Yes, you've seen celebrity couples fall apart after some time. Maybe some were your favorites, too. But then, they didn’t last and your heart broke perhaps as much as theirs did.

What happened to those on-screen couples, you know, does not guarantee the fate of other pairs. And your standard of what “real love” looks like is not always the norm, so better look at things with an open mind instead of generalizing.

There is always an exception to any rule.

Love teams turned real life couples have a well-established connection and camaraderie, which in turn develops trust, making them survive the every dynamic world of showbusiness hand in hand, rather than be destabilized by the gnashing waves of intrigues. In the end, they're able to prove that happily ever after exists even in the most unlikely of cases.

When love hits you, it hits you—even if you're as famous as famous can be.


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