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The Six Fix: The Best Red Lipstick Commandments You’ll Ever Need to Follow

The Six Fix: The Best Red Lipstick Commandments You’ll Ever Need to Follow

Here’s a foolproof trick if you want a brighter complexion and whiter teeth in an instant: Swipe on red lipstick! Yup, this little tube packs in a lot more punch than just lending a powerful vibe to any look, its rich pigments bring out your skin’s natural glow and contrasts with your teeth therefore making them look at least a couple of shades whiter. So if you haven’t found the perfect shade of red lipstick for your skin tone yet, you better level up your hunt—need we stress more how this beauty essential is one of the most versatile products out there?

But if you’ve found your red match already (or once you do), make sure you also wield its power properly. Read on for the red lipstick commandments you’ll ever need to follow for an on point pout always. Celebrity makeup artists Jigs Mayuga, Mayesa delos Santos, and Pong Niu zoom in on the tips that really matter:


1. Really try on the lipstick. “If the red lipstick makes your skin brighter and your teeth look whiter, go for that red,” Pong Niu, Coleen Garcia’s trusted makeup artist, shares. So yes, you really have to put the lipstick on your lips so you see how it looks on you and your skin undertones. Another way to determine your undertones is through the vein test (but at the end of the day, it’s still trial and error so don’t be afraid to try on as many shades as you want!). Check the veins in your wrist to determine your undertone: Blue or bluish ones mean you have cool undertones, green/greenish ones mean you’re warm, but if you have both or bluish-green ones, then you’re a neutral. Warm undertones should opt for orange-based hues, while cool ones will look good with blue reds.

Coleen rocked a deep red hue for her sexy Valentine's photo shoot for beau Billy Crawford.


2. Use your skin color as a barometer. If you’re not sure how light or how deep of a red you should go, let your complexion guide you. “The paler the skin tone, the lighter the shade. The darker the skin tone, the deeper the shade your lipstick should be,” says Mayesa delos Santos, a favorite of ‘it’ girls Isabelle Daza, Martine Cajucom, and Georgina Wilson.


3. Don’t overdo the eye makeup. According to Jigs Mayuga, the go-to artist of Chesca Garcia-Kramer, Maxene Magalona, and Saab Magalona, among others, it's always best to wear red with understated eye makeup. That, and confidence, he adds.

Let your red stand out, wear it with a au naturel makeup like this look Jigs created on Chesca Garcia-Kramer.


4. Blot and layer. Getting lipstick on your front teeth is one of the most cringe-worthy beauty moments ever, and to avoid that, Jigs shares his tried-and-tested technique: “Blot lightly with tissue on the center of the lip after applying lipstick and add another light layer on top to keep the lipstick from smudging.”


5. Make sure the area around your lips is clean. Red lippies are smudge-prone so to guarantee that your entire look stays flawless, have a concealer (or the foundation you've used) and Q-tips with really thin/slim tips handy for touch ups, notes Pong.


6. Use neutral lipliner. Contrary to what common sense dictates that red lipstick should be worn with red liner only, it’s actually best to wear neutral/nude-colored lipliner first so that when your red lippie starts to come off, it’ll look more natural. Plus, says Mayesa, layering lipliner shades gives depth and definition to your lip shape. Apply a darker shade of red lipliner on top of your nude liner before your actual lippie for a power pout, she adds.

Achieve a more defined pout by layering liners and lippies.


The three makeup pros also share their fave reds:

I love using M.A.C Red On my clients. It's the perfect neutral red with a satin finish for almost all skin tones and is not as drying as other matte lipsticks.” –Jigs

“Depends on our mood (me and the celeb i'm working on), I usually go for M.A.C's Sin and Ruby Woo.” –Pong

“For the liner I like Russian Matte from Makeup Store, and for the lipstick, I like Red Carpet Red from Charlotte Tilbury.” –Mayesa


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