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Hey You! Mr. Right Who Thinks He's Never Enough

Hey You! Mr. Right Who Thinks He's Never Enough

As you look back to where it all started, you realize how fast the game has changed. You used to be her everythingher dream, savior, and her whole life. You witnessed how everything fell into its rightful place. But now, it's slowly falling apart. 

She's a dreamer. And it sucks to know you're not her only source of happiness. Competing with her goals is not just a phase, it's a daily struggle. Staying with her means understanding her never-ending pass muna moments, forgiving those missed calls, unanswered messages, and accepting her forever conflicting schedule. You wanted to be with her. Yet you wonder if she ever felt the same way. 

Your love is supposed to be bigger than your insecurities and petty fights. But the pain keeps kicking in. She could be anything she ever wanted, while all you ever wanted was to be her everything. Her mighty wings can bring her to far flung cities, while yours only desire to be wrapped around her. It was unfair. You were never her partner. Just her number one supporter. 

Giving her an ultimatum will only make things worse, still, you risked it. Not because you wish to see its bitter end, but because you desperately hope for that slim chance that she'll chose you. Like what you always do to her.

Not every fairytale has a happily ever after, though. And perhaps, this is how yours is supposed to end. You love her, but it was never enough to make her stay. She loves you, too, yet she needs something more than your warm hugs and sweet kisses. And it's not all your fault, or hers. It just so happens that you're two individuals whom fate just wouldn't bring together for real.


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