Design Tips: Five Celebrity Living Room Pegs for the Modern Man

Design Tips: Five Celebrity Living Room Pegs for the Modern Man



Do you love music? Is fitness important to you? Or are you more of the hipster type? Make sure every inch in your abode showcases that. If you're looking for design inspiration, check out the living rooms of these five hot actors:


The traditional: Daniel Padilla’s living room has a more Mediterranean approach. The use of earth colors, traditional wood furniture, and large windows make Daniel’s living room a refreshing place to be in during mornings.

Tip: If you're going for a classy look, invest on furniture made from antique wood. They may be a bit more expensive, but they'll last longer and blend well with your traditional earth color palette.


The hipster: Sam Milby’s condo can give those Pinterest moodboards a run for their money, what with the artworks hanging on his brick wall, the hanging lamps by the ceiling, and the large blackboard where his guests can write messages for him. The chic yet functional look of his living room showcases Sam’s artistic side in the best way possible.

Tip: Bring your creativity skills to the next level! Repurpose items like water pipes and transform them into out-of-the-box bookshelves (see banner photo).


The musically-inclined: Xian Lim's love for music is very apparent in his living room. Aside from a grand piano, other musical instruments present in his living room include a guitar, a trumpet, and a cello, all of which he plays during his spare time.

Tip: Allot adequate space for your instruments and other large memorabilia should you choose to display them. Make sure, though, that you store them in such a way that will not cause anyone to accidentally trip on them.


The macho-minded: Jake Cuenca showcases his macho side through his minimalist black and white furniture. The setup epitomizes his love for bikes (he has another one parked in his bedroom), giving his condo unit a showroom-like feel.

Tip: If you are a car or motorcycle person and would like to display part of your collection, make sure that they are free of any oils that can stain your floor or carpet.


The fitness buff: Even as he nears the big 4-0, Piolo Pascual has fitness has one of his top priorities. He has a gym at home, with matching Bruce Lee poster that serves as added inspiration to keep fit.

Tip: Aside from investing on excercise machines, also invest on motivational posters to keep you focused while working out at home.


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Photographs by Sara Black (Daniel), Doc Marlon Pecjo (Xian), Paul del Rosario (Sam), Ian Castañeras (Jake), and Raymund Isaac (Piolo) for StarStudio Magazine. Check out all these and more in the StarStudio February 2016 issue, now out in major bookstores. StarStudio is available in bookstores and on newsstands for P100. Download the StarStudio app for access to all digital editions on your tablet or smartphone, available in Zinio, Android and Apple App Stores. Like StarStudio on Facebook ( and follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@starstudiomag).




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