Design Tips: Learn What Colors to Jazz Up Your Home With for Every Mood and Feeling

Design Tips: Learn What Colors to Jazz Up Your Home With for Every Mood and Feeling

Color is a crucial element when it comes to interior design, because aside from being able to give character to any space, they actually have an impact on the overall behavior of humans. Research shows that different colors can help our brain release different chemicals that can boost a person’s mood, be it endorphins, serotonins, or dopamines.

Heim Interiors’ IDr. Janlyn de Leon does believe in the power of color. Here's her quick rundown of the effects of certain colors on a person’s behavior:


1. Happiness and positivity. De Leon explains that bright colors like orange, yellow, and white promote happiness and positivity, and are proven to lighten up one’s mood. “When our eyes connect with these happy colors, it invokes feelings of sociability, enjoyable connection, and happiness,” de Leon says.


2. Love and energy. Colors like red promote romance and lots of energy, and combining them with happy colors like orange, yellow, and white can further invoke good vibes. Adds de Leon, “A nice color scheme will lead to being optimistic and give a sense of love."


3. Interaction and conversation. In their sample design work for a living room, Heim Interiors opted to use yellow to promote warmth and an upbeat feel for both the homeowner and their visitors. De Leon suggests accentuating using bold patterns and earth tones to “encourage conversation and stimulate happy feelings” among one another in a place of gathering.


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Photographs courtesy of Heim Interiors




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