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Hey You! Girl Who Chose Career Over Lovelife

Hey You! Girl Who Chose Career Over Lovelife

Don't worry. We're not here to judge you. 

You're being slammed as selfish, unapologetic, and ruthless for quite sometime now. And we totally admire your grace under fire. You made a tough choice and we know you're still hurting. Leaving the one you love has never been easy. But you wanted it to appear like it is, not because you're heartless, but because you badly want to convince yourself that it's for the best.

You're not conceited. You're fair.

Saying 'yes' to him now means saying 'no' to yourself, your dreams, and your future. It means lying to him and making each other believe that what you have now is enough. Because it isn't. Your heart dictates you to follow your goals and be the person you want to be. You love him, yes. But you love yourself, too. Make-believe happiness and contentment will not only cause your insanity, but his as well.

You don't deserve to be hated. You deserve to be understood.

No one knows how many times you cried yourself to sleep and regretted your decision to leave him. There were instances when you wanted to come rushing back to him and tell him how wrong you were. You badly needed to know why it couldn't work out. Why he couldn't accept you and who you're meant to be. It terribly sucks. Because the truth is up 'til now, you're still hoping for your happily ever after to continue. 

You let your relationship go; not your love for him.

Everything seems to be going crazy right now but I know you can make it. You're a strong woman who has the right to pure bliss, who is entitled to have someone who won't ask you to choose between him and your craft. Someone who won't demand you to break yourself, just to make himself feel complete.

You deserve someone better. If he can't wait for you, then stop waiting for him to understand.


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