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The D Word: 6 Annoyingly Pa-Cute Relationship Habits You Need to Let Go Of

The D Word: 6 Annoyingly Pa-Cute Relationship Habits You Need to Let Go Of

There's a fine line between sweet and cute and annoying, and it's always best to tread carefully:


1. Monthly lavish dates a.k.a. "monthsaries." Yes, it's okay to celebrate but you don't have to spend that much on restaurants, theme parks, or gifts every month. A simple walk, a movie marathon, or morning jog will do as long as you're together. And besides, why count months when you can last for years, right? Mas matipid na, mas matagal pa.


2. Real time updates. “Naliligo ako.” “Tapos na ko maligo, nagbibihis na.” “Kumakain ako ng chocolate habang nanonood ng TV at nakikinig ng music.” Seriously, do you really need to tell each other what you're doing every moment in full detail? Instead of these real time updates, why not save your stories for later? While SMS and messaging apps make keeping in touch easier, nothing still beats face-to-face communication.


3. The baggage counter boyfriend. Yes, it’s a gentleman's act to carry your bag. But if it’s not heavy, why let him hold it? Girl, whatever happened to women empowerment? And besides, you said yes to him to have a boyfriend to love and not an alalay to hold (your baggage).


4. Asking permission. Pagpapaalam or asking permission is different from pagpapa-ALAM or informing. You should keep tabs on each other's whereabouts and on who you'll be with, but never be obliged to ask for permission. Remember, you're two complete individuals, not halves of a whole, so instead of restrictions, work on building a stronger foundation of trust.


5. “Where you are, there will I be” syndrome. The statement is sweet, yes. But if taken literally na para niyong buntot ang isa't isa, it’s annoying. You two have your own lives to live and you should carpe diem through every day. Aim to complement, rather than complete, each other.


6. Too much PDA. Do you really have to cuddle and canoodle with your your special someone everywhere? Yes, it's a free world, but also keep in mind: Your freedom ends where the other person's freedom begins.


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