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The Six Fix: Feel Wonderfully Super with Darna as Your Heroine Peg

The Six Fix: Feel Wonderfully Super with Darna as Your Heroine Peg

We get it, Darna is such a force to be reckoned with. It would certainly be cool to turn into this superwoman at the command of a stone. Imagine saying, “Ding, ang bato!” Then you become this other version—fearless and unstoppable—and not to mention, effortlessly sexy in that skimpy red two piece suit and sexy knee-high boots. Come on, who doesn’t want that?

But it’s not all there is to it. Here are six reasons why Darna can be your ultimate heroine peg:


1. Because Darna helps save the world. Like her, women have the initial instinct to care about their surroundings and more specially, other people. No, they don’t necessarily want to rule the world. They just want to help save it in what little ways they can. And that intention is always noble.


2. Because Darna has it simple. Women tend to overthink things. Sometimes, they even complicate it unconsciously that they wish for things to be simple for once. Much like how Darna has her white stone to swallow, and where suddenly she has everything she needs to make things better, there are times when women wonder if things can be as simple as that.


3. Because Darna can wear anything and still rock it. Or to bluntly put it, she barely wears anything with just a two-piece battle gear and a headpiece; but that even then, she’s still able to carry herself with such command and confidence.


4. Because Darna exudes strength and fearlessness. As Darna the heroine, she appears bold and strong, two traits sometimes women can only wish they have more of.  


5. But she also projects heart and gentleness. For women, sometimes you’re either the soft-hearted one or the power woman. Darna, through Narda, projects a good and balanced contrast of both that somehow shows us that, yes, it can be done, ladies.


6. Because Darna is simply “super.” Need we say more?


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Digital illustration by Jana Jimenez 




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