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The Six Fix: Beware of These Guys Who Are #PaasaMuch

The Six Fix: Beware of These Guys Who Are #PaasaMuch

Determining a guy’s true intention entails heavy observation, which can lead to overthinking on your part. For all you know, you’re the only one who gives meaning to all his actions. He may just be one of these six types of paasa guys whom you should guard your heart from:


1. The Prince Charming. He’s effortlessly magnetic and has throngs of girls tailing him on a regular basis. His charming ability is mostly mistaken as flirty, but he’s only being polite so don’t conclude that he’s being a jerk when he ‘agrees’ to have coffee with you today then you'll see him with another girl the next day. It just so happens that he’s a natural at this.



2. The “Best” Friend. You guys met and you thought there was an instant spark. Weeks following that initial meeting, you started noticing how sweet his actions are: He’s protective, sometimes clingy, mostly sweet. Only, he regards you as his “close friend” or “bestfriend.” #friendzoned



3. The Non-Committal Dude. He saysgasphe already loves you. The catch: He’s not ready for a commitment. Do you really want to be left hanging about not knowing the real score between you two? Most likely, he’s just in it for the companionshipor fun. Your choice.



4. The Ghost. Sometimes he’s there, sometimes he’s not. Yep, he likes to appear one minute, and disappear after the blink of an eye. You even think he’s only seeing you when he’s bored. Or, for months you two are hitting it off quite well, then one daypoof. Gone. [RELATED: Ghosting Happens and Why You Shouldn’t Romanticize It]



5. The Ultimate Gamer. He’s the master of gamesincluding the game of love. The skills he has developed in the years he spent in front of the computer screen have created a lord. He knows how to controland that, he did to you. And when he’s had his fill of the adrenalin, he shuts it down. And comes back when he wants to play again. And leaves again.



6.The Stereo. You have unending conversations over the phone. And when you’re together, the talking never stops, too. Your day isn’t complete without a Viber message or a chat convo on Facebook. You have a lot in common, and he does appear to be taken by and interested in you. But when more intimate matters enter, he becomes aloof. Take it as a sign and get out while there’s still time.



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Illustrations by Jana Maureen Jimenez




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