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The Six Fix: Here's How You Can Impress A Fangirl

The Six Fix: Here's How You Can Impress A Fangirl

She may be the all-out geek/nerd, or the hardcore celebrity follower. But whoever it is she's obsessing over, these tips will give you additional pogi points to win her heart:


1. Stalk her fandom. And surprise her with what you know about the subject. Your girl a big fan of OTWOL? Use phrases like, "Achieve!" or "Jusko Lord!" in daily conversations. Soon, she may just see you as her Clark IRL.


2. Gift her with fandom merch. Good thing there are a lot of stores out there now that actually house items from different fandoms, like The Potter Heritage (for Potterheads) and 1D World (for Directioners). Level up the effort by being on the look out for rare or limited edition pieces, or better yet, go DIY and make her fan art. She'll be exclaiming, "Best gift ever!" nonstop, promise.


3. Never, ever insult her favorite character/bias. Don't let slip that you "dislike" her choice. Even if EXO all look alike in your eyes, they don't in hers so tread carefully. You'll just find yourself on the receiving end of her endless fury. Ipaglalaban niya 'yan.


4. The perfect date? Quiz night! Proceed with caution: Make sure you're "well-reviewed" when you decide to try this out. For instance, watch Marvel movies for a couple of days (and do remember ALL the details) then agree to quiz each other on your next date. Be a gentleman and get competitive, girls do love the challenge.


5. Cheesy as it may sound, but researching on pick up lines from her fandom can work. Perfect timing and delivery is your bestfriend.


6. Accept her fangirl side. No matter how she crazy she gets over countless episodes or books or albums, embrace her as she is. Listen to her endless stream of stories, about how she loves her fandom so much, the sweat, tears, passion of living as a fan, keeping the faith, and showing her never-ending support. It may get annoying at times, but as in all relationships, understanding is key. What's good about a fangirl is, you're guaranteed she loves with all her heart.


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Photos from One Direction World's Facebook page (1D merchandise), (Marvel photo) and @CommonFanGrl on Twitter Professional Fangirl photo).




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