Design Tips: 5 Ways to Make Your Room More Kawaii

Design Tips: 5 Ways to Make Your Room More Kawaii

Bored of waking up to the same old look of your room, every day? Take some time off your busy schedule and spend it redecorating your den. After all, a change of scenery is always a refreshing break, agree?


1. Paint your walls in your favorite hue. A plain, white wall may be a safe choice, but painting it in baby pink, sunny yellow, or any other choice color of yours brings life to an otherwise blank canvas. 


2. Choose your decor. Since you're not a little girl anymore, maybe it's time to let go of those posters from your fandom past, Change them into paintings, or tack postcards of places you've traveled to on your walls for daily inspiration. Add some trinkets like DIY papercuts or other crafts. Or do whatever you fancy, there are lots of ideas you'll find on the Internet!


3. Frame your motivation. Together with family portraits and barkada getaway photos, why not frame your favorite quote and put it on your bedside table? The moment you wake up: Instant lift!


4. A display of life. Throw away that wilting flower on your vase and take up a new hobby: Buy and take care of a potted plant. It's proven to have positive effects on people, like reducing anxiety and boosting your mood. Perhaps a succulent or lavender?


5. Get dual-purpose items. Like soap cakes or a wall calendar with a map design—functional and cute. This way, you get your money's worth without needing to spend so much. Win-win!


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Photographs by Vyn Radovan at the Spectrum Manila Fair




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