Design Tips: Expert Tips for Creating the Prettiest Floral Arrangements for Your Home

Design Tips: Expert Tips for Creating the Prettiest Floral Arrangements for Your Home

Instead of using typical home decor, why not add a dash of freshness with beautiful flower arrangements? Aside from brightening up your home, flowers are proven to improve one's mental health as well. Let celebrity florist Gideon Hermosa give you basic pointers on transforming your favorite flowers into picturesque decorative pieces:


1. Know the flowers commonly used. There are various flower varieties out there, but Gideon notes that roses, amaryllis, orchids, lisianthus, carnations, daisies, and tulips are those that are commonly used for arrangements. With these flowers in mind, it's up to you (and your budget) on which flower varieties you desire to use for your home arrangement.

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Depending on the extent of your desired flower arrangement, Gideon notes that you must consider the seasonal availability of the flowers you want to use, their life span, and the weather conditions in your place before getting on with the project.


2. Good containers are important. All factors considered, Gideon explains that a good container is crucial for the overall execution of your flower arrangements. “It’s always important to choose the perfect containers that would work with your style,” he says.


When it comes to containers, Gideon prefers the transparent glass vase for its versatility for all occasions. He also notes that containers should not overpower the flowers you will be using for your desired arrangement. 


3. Coordinate with your house's colors. Should you have a hard time deciding which flowers to use, make your house's colors as primary basis. "If you have bright and bold colors, use light and bright colors for your flower and vase," Gideon shares.


A good flower and vase combination would be flowers in light colors, and a vase in bright colors. "It's a great way to freshen up any space and there's always a certain sense of tranquility," he explains.


4. Keep on experimenting with different combinations. Should you not be satisfied with your initial flower arrangement, do not fret. Gideon says that it takes hours (and several trials and errors) to get your desired design. And while there are no hard rules in this arena, he notes that one should keep in mind that "less is more." Two or three different flowers for your arrangement would suffice. His ultimate reminder? “Understand that there are no right or wrong choices when selecting flowers for your arrangement.”


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Photographs from Gideon Hermosa's Facebook account.




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