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The Six Fix: How to Be Regal Without Trying Too Much

The Six Fix: How to Be Regal Without Trying Too Much

You may not have blue or royal blood but it doesn’t mean you can’t feel like you do. Here are six effortless ways to channel your inner elegance like Serena as portrayed by Liza Soberano in Dolce Amore:


1. Wear comfy chic, not comfy shabby. You want something comfortable and that’s great. But make no mistake of thinking comfort translates to putting oversized shirts with holes in them because you think they’re, well, comfy. You want to look effortlessly put-together, not lazy. And you can always do that without compromising comfort.


2. Get enough sleep. You know your sleep patterns better than anyone else. If you think six hours of sleep is enough for you then, go have that, and often. You can’t possibly feel regal with barely two hours or even no night rest. You’re just going to feel like a crappy zombie come morning.


3. Mind your manners. This can’t be stressed more often. Even a peasant becomes a princess when she has manners.


4. Radiate kindness. At times, this is easier said than done. But as they say, the beauty is in the attempt. Keep trying. Radiate positivity and kindness. It’s hard to feel regal when your heart’s not in the right place.


5. Get out of your comfort zone. Whether at work or when it comes to personal endeavors, pushing yourself to get out of your comfort zone leads you to a wealth of new discoveries: Things you didn’t know you can do, things you can learn, and then things you can eventually share to other people.


6. Love yourself enough that you can share it with others. Perhaps there’s a reason why even Disney portrayed princesses with such big hearts and a certain generosity. But you cannot give what you don’t have, so love yourself enough and when you do, feel it overflow that you can actually share it with others.


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