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The D Word: Tommy Esguerra on Knowing When You’re Ready to Go All In for Love

The D Word: Tommy Esguerra on Knowing When You’re Ready to Go All In for Love

When you’re young and bold, and when it can’t be helped to think that you have a full life ahead of you, you tend not to rush into things. But sometimes, life catches you off guard. Suddenly, you find yourself wanting to dive right in, even when logic suggests to slow down. But yes, we all know how love works wonders, how love moves in mysterious ways.

Pinoy Big Brother 737 Second Big Placer Tommy Esguerra is a good example of that when he found the love of his life in Miho Nishida. But how did he know that he was ready to commit? Here are five telling signs to help you know if you’re ready should you be having doubts about going all in for love:


1. When you’re feeling extra-inspired to wake up in the morning. You may be a perky person by default but since meeting this special someone, you notice yourself feeling much perkier, like the sun has been out all day and it doesn’t set. Tommy shares, “When you’re in love with someone, it’s passion. It’s your inspiration… it is what you are excited for, what sparks your day up.”


2. When you realize relationships mean more than Netflix and chill. Sure, it’s fun to have someone by your side while you watch reruns of your favorite TV series. But deciding to get into a relationship goes far more than that. As Tommy says, “It’s something you have to work for, to fight for, you have to defend… not everyone is going to agree with you.”

Tommy and Miho's heart-melting stares while "hanging out" after a production number on It's Showtime! (Photograph from Tommy Esguerra's official Instagram account).


3. When you already know your priorities. Age is just a number as far as this case is concerned. You can be 22 or in your teens and be able to tell your priorities straight. “I think there are very few things in life that actually matter: family, your health, and love,” Tommy reveals.


4. When you feel the desire to change yourself for the better… and follow through. Tommy went through a hard patch when for months, he felt stuck and demotivated. He reveals, “I didn’t feel alive. I didn’t have passion and drive. Before Miho, I didn’t dream about my future, I just let it happen day by day.” He adds, “When I met Miho, there was a fire burning inside of me. I thought about how much I want to grow and change for her, and for our future.”


5. When you see love as a blessing than a phobia. “What is love?” Tommy reflects, “It’s beautiful, it’s a blessing.”


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