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Maja Salvador’s Style M.O.

Maja Salvador’s Style M.O.

She’s an accessories whiz with her own hit line on Bridges of Love, but in real life, Maja Salvador likes her fashion choices simple but with a kick—you’d almost never see her in frills and frou frou. Check out these pieces that the beautiful actress favors (she leans towards footwear!):

Basic black Bag and eyewear, that is. Like every other girl, she likes practical things and black items like these add character and mystery to any outfit—no fail.

Mandals. Maja is a shoe girl, and while she has a collection of to-die-for designer pairs, she also likes chilling in unorthodox styles, like these white mandals.

Key necklace. While the personal meaning of this necklace that she got remains to be a secret, we like how she puts much value into even simple pieces.

Kicks. Besides mandals, Maja also likes sneakers, which needless to say, go perfectly well with her effortless street style.

Embellished headpieces. This one she didn’t wear in real life, but in her “Maja In Love” music video shoot—but we just couldn’t resist including it. Headpieces like this complement her vibrant, fun-loving personality.

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