Miss APPdated: 9 Millenial-Lovin' Apps You Wish You'd Downloaded Sooner

Miss APPdated: 9 Millenial-Lovin' Apps You Wish You'd Downloaded Sooner

Have you ever bothered to explore the App Store and Google Play beyond all those photo editing apps? If you haven't yet, well, you're missing out on a lot—for starters, you've missed out on having these nine apps sooner in your life. Read on to know why they deserve to take up some of that precious phone storage of yours:


1. Kitchen Stories. This virtual cookbook contains hundreds of mouthwatering recipes for all ages, and even diet recipes. Standout feature: Step-by-step photo and video instructions and a personal ingredients shopping list. Join the Kitchen Stories family to be able to share the recipes you create to their community.


2. My Pill. If you always forget to take your pill, this app is for you. Standout feature: It will not just send notifications to remind you to consume your contraceptive pill at a particular time (which you'll program into the app before you get started), the notifications actually stop during your period and will eventually resume scheduling when another pack starts. You can now be worry-free when it comes to your pill intake.


3. 7-Minute Workout. Perfect for women who want to start working out but are too busy to go to the gym, this app offers 7-minute workout routines based on scientific studies that will allow you to target specific areas of the body. It has smart calendar and daily reminder features that help you track your daily routine for seven months straight. Standout feature: Once you start, you will only have three lives, which means when you miss three days of exercise in a month, the program will automatically reset to zero. Also available on Google Play.


4. Beautiful Me. Standout feature: Using a collection of uploaded photos, this app will help you detect what your true skin tone and the right beauty product for you through a skin analysis which in turn, recommends the best shade of foundation, hair color, and lipstick that suit your skin type.


5. OPI. Wanna coat your nails with polish but unsure of what color to use? This app will help you try out different shades on a virtual hand so you can find one that fits your taste perfectly. Standout feature: It has an adjustable skin tone and nail length that can be painted with any color of your choice.


6. Eve. This all-in-one female app lets you track your menstrual, sexual, and reproductive health easily using fun and colorful illustrations and charts. Standout feature: It provides trusted information about birth control and sex, gives forecast of your ovulation and next period, and can identify trends and behavioral patterns to help you understand your bodily processes more.



7. Killswitch. Standout feature: Recently had a break up? Or can’t forget your ex? This will be your first step towards moving on, girl! Standout feature: Killswitch will help you with that by removing all your memories together from your timeline.



8. Packing Pro. Standout feature: This app will help you prep all the things you need to bring and prompt you with all your to-dos before and during the trip through checklists organized in a catalog—a must-have to not forget anything every time you travel.



9. Stylicious. Take pictures of your clothes, organize them in a closet, and mix and match them in a snap using this app. You can even plan what you want to wear for the coming days using its calendar feature. Standout feature:  Collate your OOTDs in its Look Book and see what outfit you wore on what day to avoid wearing the same outfit again when you're out with the same group or off to a similar event. Also available on iTunes.


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Illustration by Jana Jimenez. Original screenshots from iTunes.




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