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Look Up, Step Out: 6 Lovely Couple Getaways for Your Every Kind of Romance

Look Up, Step Out: 6 Lovely Couple Getaways for Your Every Kind of Romance

Sky’s the limit and everything below it: Here are six lovely couple getaways for your every kind of romance as recommended by real-life couple and world travelers Jonathan Howe and Kach Medina of community blog Two Monkeys Travel Group:


1. Chilean Patagonia. For couples who are waiting for the next big adventure to happen, Chilean Patagonia is the perfect destination. Known for the purity of its seemingly vast wilderness, couples who like venturing to the unknown will certainly be rewarded by granite monoliths, majestic lakes, vast lush sceneries, and more.


2. San Blas Islands. For couples who like their privacy and quality time without needing to worry about other people not minding their own business, San Blas Islands in Panama is the way to go. A true desert island experience, couples can enjoy their own time together a la “you and me against the world.”


3. The Maldives. Quite possibly a honeymooner’s haven, The Maldives is most perfect for couples who want the postcard-perfect beaches. Also known for its laidback lifestyle and chill vibe, this destination is also for the couples who perhaps need to slow down and just breathe.


4. Capadoccia, Turkey. For couples who have been together long enough, Capadoccia in Turkey might be the best place for you. Why? Well, not only will you witness and experience the hot air balloon ride overlooking the desert landscape, you also get to see the fairy chimneys, the accidental yet beautiful products of volcanic eruptions that have stood the test of time for over a million years.


5. The Florida Keys. For couples who are more sentimental or rather, immersive, when traveling, The Florida Keys is a top pick. Apart from its cool and eclectic island lifestyle, the beaches and food set in luxurious surroundings and tropical weather are just to die for.


6. South Goa, India.  For couples who work too hard but wish to disconnect from the urban jungle, South Goa—and take note, not the party-heavy North Goais simply ideal for that. The southern part has tiny, deserted beaches, perfect for escaping the world and relaxing.


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