Design Tips: Five Celebrity Bedroom Pegs for All You Independent Single Ladies

Design Tips: Five Celebrity Bedroom Pegs for All You Independent Single Ladies

Your room is your sanctuary away from the busy, demanding world, so we can't stress enough the importance of tailoring it to fit your needs and wants. May you be a fan of sophistication or a lover of all things kawaii, these five celebrity bedroom pegs will teach you key lessons to make sure your room is the best haven it can possibly be for you:


1. Keep it classy with neutrals. The peg: Bea Alonzo. This award-winning actress' glamorous bedroom closely mimics those in a five star hotel. Details that conceal her room essentials, such as her TV set and refrigerator, and an exquisite chandelier elevate the premium look of her bedroom [related: Bea’s Bedroom is Fit for a Queen].

Design tip: Make use of neutral colors to give your bedroom that upscale and sophisticated vibe. Top neutral color choices are grey, white, and beige.


2. Have fun with stuffed toys. The peg: Myrtle Sarrosa. The actress and cosplayer has a thing for decorating her room with large stuffed toys, majority of which are anime-inspired teddy bears that highlight her love for the performance art.

Design tip: Dress up your bed with large stuffed toys. Besides being huggable, they can be used as additional “pillows” for a good night's sleep.


3. Let your decor showcase who you are. The peg: Reese Lansangan. To highlight her otaku (anime and manga fandom) personality, the singer and graphic designer adorned her room with various themed knick-knacks, ranging from books to a turntable, which she neatly keeps in white shelves. [related: Do You Work in Your Bedroom? Balance Relaxation and Productivity with that Perfect Desk!]

Design tip: When it comes to decorating your room, choose the items you'll display in your exposed shelves carefully—these should highlight your personality.


4. Avoid clutter. The peg: Verniece Enciso. The focal point of the travel and fashion blogger (and competitive figure skater!)'s bedroom? Her large closet, complete with coordinated hangers and storage boxes.

Design tip: Organization is key when it comes to your closet. Sort clothes according to function, color, and style so that it would be easier for you to prepare your outfit for the next day.


5. Invest in your sleeping essentials. The peg: Laureen Uy. After a day full of shoots and events, Laureen goes home to a very homey bed with fresh white sheets and fluffy pillows.

Design tip: Invest in a good bed and fresh sheets, and comfortable pillows for your room—it's one of the best things you can do for yourself, trust us. 



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