Design Tips: Millenials, Check Out How You Can Maximize A Small Living Area

Design Tips: Millenials, Check Out How You Can Maximize A Small Living Area



Unsure at how you can have a nice and cozy living room in your condominium unit without worrying too much about space? Let interior designer Ito Kish guide you in creating that compact living room your condo unit deserves.

Ito Kish


Plan the layout of the room. At the very basic level, Ito says a living room’s purpose is to entertain. “Some combine the living and dining area, where the host can talk to the guest while sitting at the kitchen table, but a living room offers a different kind of comfort. It is a space where you can put your feet up or sit down on the floor.”

Create a focal point. “One of the key things I decided to focus on is color. I started with the wallpaper and went with the other items in black and gray as predominant hues, with a few pops of red to break in between,” he explains. He incorporated texture in his design, he says. “It is always nice to have texture. There is a richness that it can bring, and it adds life to the room. Instead of keeping it flat, I added a carpet that gives the living area a certain shape and feel. The side table, which can also be used as a stool, is corrugated to draw the eyes. I also have throw pillows and a pompom stool that is very tactile and add both color and texture. The prints on the Studio 11 wallpaper give a Scandinavian-Danish feel.” Lighting can be flexible, he says. “You don’t have to have overhead lighting fixtures. You can have a lamp that gives character, and at the same time can offer a little flexibility because you can change the cover to suit your mood.”

Texture is important for Kish, which explains his use of rugs for this living room design.


Discuss key resources. “The space is designed for a small area, such as a condominium, with millennials in mind. This is why I have a two-seater as a couch. Someone living here is very young, and this translates into the accessories such as the Godzilla and robot frame. This is perfect to fill up a smaller space while presenting a sense of design and style, as well as character, which is very important.” He defines Scandinavian style as having a very neutral feel, where nature is part of landscape and lifestyle. “This is why I have a stylized animal head from Bend Goods that is fun and yet still very associated with the look. With this style, you can feel that nature is incorporated with the wood that is used, along with the other design elements.”


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