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Hey You! Hyperactive Mom on Facebook

Hey You! Hyperactive Mom on Facebook



Mom, your constant comments, shares, and likes on social media alarm us teenagers. While you may think that what you’re doing is “cute," we feel that some of your posts are TMI (giving “too much information”). So please…


1. Don’t post our baby pictures. When I scroll through my newsfeed, I see my 3-year-old self smiling back at me. I probably would have died if I had bunny teeth in those pictures. My good friend Phoebe Bello adds, “Some parents even post naked baby photos. They tag us and our friends can see it. Did it not occur to them to ask us first?”


2. Don’t ‘like’ and comment on all our posts. My batchmate Chelsea says, “My mom likes and comments on everything I post online, and I hate it. It’s bad enough that we have to deal with our parents’ embarrassing responses to our posts like “Anak, you’re so cool!” or “Anak, ganda mo dito!” 

3. Don’t ‘friend’ our friends on social media. It’s awkward when parents add us on Facebook. You know the feeling when aliens have suddenly invaded your planet, your space? You have to be on guard all the time for possible questioning and invasion of privacy. It is quite stressful.


4. Don’t stalk our friends. If you must stalk our friends, please be discreet. Of course, we know! Getting notifications that you liked our friends’ pictures where we’re tagged freaks us out.  #LOL (laughing out loud)!


5. Don’t use our comments’ section as a chat box. Tagging our relatives and friends in our photos is okay, but carrying a conversation with them in our chat box is too much. It’s our Facebook space, you know. 


6. Don’t talk to us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. My friend Hannah says, “My mom posts mushy messages to me online that she will never say to my face; sometimes, she congratulates or greets me first on Facebook.” As much as we are happy to see Mom getting tech savvy, we still prefer getting your “likes” and hearing your comments and “shares” in person. We like hearing more from you offline than online.


Original article from Working Mom’s November 2015 issue, written by Bianca Angela Dela Cruz. Check out more exciting stories in the latest issue of Working Mom available in bookstores and on newsstands for P120. Download the Working Mom Magazine app for access to all digital editions on your tablet or smartphone, available in Zinio, and Buqo Digital Newsstands. Like Working Mom on Facebook ( WorkingMom.Magazine) and follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@WokingMomMag).


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Digital Illustration by Jana Jimenez 




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