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Look Up, Step Out: Traveling Together? Here's How Not To Drive Your Partner Crazy!

Look Up, Step Out: Traveling Together? Here's How Not To Drive Your Partner Crazy!

Traveling is, by itself, a dynamic experience already. When you add another person to the equation, then the experience becomes more varied. It can be twice as much the fun but perhaps at times, it can also feel a bit exhausting having to keep up with each other.

On the road for almost three years now, Jonathan Howe and Kach Medina, the brains behind community blog Two Monkeys Travel Group, share the obstacles they encounter as a couple traveling long-term together; plus, tips on how to come out of them better:


1. Personal Space. “Most people work jobs during the day and see each other when they get home, but when traveling, you are with each other 24/7 and that can be too much. You really need to make time and space to do your own thing once in a while.”


2. Decision making. “Having traveled alone for a quite a while, we both had to adapt to considering the needs of someone else, someone else’s travel goals. It’s not hard to do, we just ask each other what we want to do.”


3. Surprises. “Take Valentine's for example, or any other ‘special occasion,’ it’s hard to come up with surprises when you spend all day together and sneaking off will be noticed. Also, traveling full time, the bar gets raised for what actually counts as ‘amazing.’ You have to get more creative, like when we had the choice to fly from Panama to Colombia for less money, but I had to engineer a whole bunch of reasons why it was better to spend three times more on sailing through the Caribbean, so I could propose on a desert island, with a ring I had secretly bought on a press trip in Croatia two weeks earlier!,” shares Jonathan.


It’s almost inevitable that you encounter boulders of challenges when you travel together. But so long as you have one vision for your relationship, and you allow each other the space and time you need when you both need it, then everything works out good in the end. 


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Photograph courtesy of Kach Medina




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