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#ThisModernLove: Five Ways ToMiho Will Turn Any Cynic Into A Believer of Sweet, Authentic Love

#ThisModernLove: Five Ways ToMiho Will Turn Any Cynic Into A Believer of Sweet, Authentic Love

We’ve seen a lot of love stories unfold inside the Pinoy Big Brother house. Some relationships blossomed and then, withered. Some flourished, and heard the wedding bells. Some probably ended before it began. And some are perhaps, not always conveniently ideal that when it happens, it just becomes too good to be true.

ABS-CBN Lifestyle sat down with one of today’s most in demand real-life couples Tommy Esguerra and Miho Nishida. They were, at times, adorably shy. Sometimes, awkwardly playful. But always, always loving even with the space they allow and give to each other.

Here are five ways Tommy and Miho will turn any doubter to a believer of sweet, authentic love:


1. When they go the extra effort of using Google translator just to communicate with each other. It’s a known fact by now that Miho spent all her life in Japan while Tommy grew up in the States. You’d think that language is a barrier, almost like a relationship breaker. But ToMiho shows us that love is the only language that matters… with some help from Google translator perhaps. Tommy says, “Love doesn’t speak languages. Love comes from your heart and you’re willing to fight for it, and work for it.”

Tommy and Miho were all sweet and all smiles when they landed in CDO recently for a mall show (photograph from Miho Nishida's official Instagram account).


2. When they compared their relationship to a flower about to blossom. We asked them how they’d describe the process of how their relationship came about. Was it like making coffee where you put a dash of sugar, cream, and milk? Tommy disagrees and says, “As simple as the flower that would take time to bloom, not so much on the weather but in the fact that you have to care for it, water it, and take care of it until it finally blossoms… it just doesn’t take a day or two… it took a while for her to really accept me and to open up to me and blossom for me. It took a while… to care, nurture, and try and make this happen. And it happened."


3. When they consistently build each other up. Love has been defined in so many words before, but a good indication of that is when two people root for each other. Miho says about Tommy, “Sobrang mahal niya pamilya niya, magalang… lumaki ako sa Japan, parang wala akong nakitang ganun. Kasi iba ‘yon kultura don. Sweet, maaalalahanin… Tyaka di lang sa pamilya niya siya ganun, pati sa pamilya ko ganun siya.” Tommy on Miho, “You can’t tell anything to Miho that won’t hurt her. Maybe you can, but she’ll be able to take it, and she’ll stay strong. She doesn’t need the acceptance or approval of other people to tell her who she is and that’s what I love about Miho. She’s a strong girl.”

Tommy, in a series of occassions, often describe Miho as the "fire beating in his chest' (photograph from Tommy Esguerra's official Instagram account)


4. When all they had to do was listen to their heart. Everybody has something to say and to a certain degree, you have to listen and evaluate. But in the context of love, all they really had to do was listen… to their own hearts. Miho shares, “Pag asa showbiz ka, siyempre lahat ng desisyon mo, may sasabihin ‘yon ibang tao. Pero kumbaga, buhay mo pa rin ‘yon. Pinagiisipan ko naman ‘yon, kung ano naman ‘yon nararamdaman ko, ‘yon din naman ‘yon sinunod ko… kumbaga, pinakinggan ko na lang kung ano ‘yon nararamdaman ng puso ko para kay Tommy.”


5. When there were no regrets, just love… and a dash of bravery. It can seem like complete chaos dealing with fame, external pressure, and their feelings for each other at once. And when it’s easy to doubt at times, they don’t. “I didn’t regret anything. There are times, when no—not doubts, just nervousness, super nervous like cold feet. Not that I am doubting whether I should do it, but I am worried what will happen if I do it. Will she say yes or no? Will she accept me or not? Will she open up or not? Will I look like a fool, you know? But over time I said there’s no time to waste, so even if I am not 100% comfortable, I know that this is what I want and I went for it because I know that I want to be with her,” reveals Tommy.


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Photograph by Vyn Radovan / Shot on location at Studio Fort, A Space Manila




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