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It Girl Confidential: Solenn Heussaff Reveals Her Feel Sexy Rituals

It Girl Confidential: Solenn Heussaff Reveals Her Feel Sexy Rituals

She’s the epitome of smokin’ hot: In looks, in style, in speech, in manner—and while the rest of us are all literally breaking loads of sweat to exude that effortlessly sexy look, Solenn Heussaff just does without trying.

Even if she’s just checking herself out in the mirror…


Or wearing a demure Filipiniana gown that’s not really the epitome of hot, but she makes it so…


Whether her hair is up in a messy bun…


Or flowing loosely in relaxed waves…


And doesn’t she make winged eyeliner look infinitely sexier?


While we all can only wish to look as gorgeous as her, we can definitely steal a page from her book when it comes to bringing out the best in ourselves, not just in terms of style and beauty, but also when it comes to self-love—because as has been proven time and again, if you’re comfortable in your own skin and you take care of yourself, your natural glow will come out.

And no, taking care of yourself doesn’t just mean living a holistic healthy lifestyle—for Solenn, it also means pampering yourself at the end of a long day and doing things that feed your soul. “My end of the day schedule varies because sometimes I work out in the morning, sometimes at night—when I don’t work out at night, I paint,” she shares.

For her nighttime rituals, low-maintenance is the name of her game: She only has one night cream and her trusted lip wax or balm. Her non-negotiable, though? A relaxing bath to feel fresh after the many things she did for the day (she shares that her tried-and-tested fave is Lux, which she loves because of the longlasting scent and softness it leaves her skin in). “I’m not the type to put too much and overdo it.”

She applies the same no-fuss approach when it comes to getting ready for a date. More than getting all glammed up, she says it’s important to make sure you’re not awkward and you know what you’re doing. “The first impression also leaves the most lasting one—make sure your smell and your smile are presentable,” she notes. “Don’t eat black squid ink pasta!”


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