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The D Word: Ten Couples Who Melt Hearts with Their Love Declarations

The D Word: Ten Couples Who Melt Hearts with Their Love Declarations

Love is such a powerful force that it’s always a delight seeing people try to articulate that with words. These beautiful couples, through their wedding vows, show us what love really means:


Love is sticking with each other come what may.

The Couple: Gabriel Valenciano and Tricia Centenera, a passionate couple who faces life together in their most creative ways.

The Sweet Spot: The groom vows, “When I was lowest in the States, I wrote this because it gave me hope that one day I would find someone that this would be for… and I did. I will not just die for you but live for you. With every breath, every strength, and even in weakness, my life will embrace who you are.”



Love is courage and being certain in the face of seemingly mundane things.

The Couple: Julien Ruaux and Marie-France Arcilla. Julien bravely rose to the occasion when Marie-France’s dad challenged him to eat balut first being able to marry his daughter.

The Sweet Spot: The bride vows, “In the nine years that we’ve been together, that’s what you’ve been: Strong, unwavering, and sure. Even when I falter that I’m blinding myself with tears, you always wipe them away to make me see clearly and help me realize there’s no reason for doubt.”



Love is freedom.

The Couple: Drew Arellano and Iya Villania. This celebrity couple shows us how easy life is when you’re with someone who allows you to be silly, funny, and free.

The Sweet Spot: Iya vows, “Your unconditional love for me has allowed me to live life, to make mistakes, to grow and become my own person.”



Love is withstanding everything that’s thrown at you.

The Couple: Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna. The couple didn’t always have it easy for them but as they say, love conquers all.

The Sweet Spot: Poleng vows, “Our story is not ideal. A lot of people didn’t understand us, didn’t understand the kind of love that we have. A love that’s so genuine, it was just unbreakable.You made me see that true love knows no age, knows no boundaries, beyond what the eyes can see. That true love is felt."



Love is a choice, always have been.

The Couple: Francis and Denise Soller. An extraordinary couple who recognizes that love isn’t just a feeling, but a choice.

The Sweet Spot: The bride vows, “If there is one thing I have realized, it is everything we have now is a product of our choice. We could have chosen a different partner… but we are here, because we have chosen each other and we have chosen to take the risk.



Love is seeing your life unfold before you.

The Couple: Paul Soriano and Toni Gonzaga. Eight years they stayed together, to find home in each other.

The Sweet Spot: Paul vows, “When I saw you come down that aisle, as a filmmaker my imagination just goes wild. I saw everything, I saw my future, the mother of my children… that was the rest of my life right there.”



Love is believing in forever.

The Couple: Luigi and Kris. It took a while, but now they’re on the road to their forever.

The Sweet Spot: The groom vows, “I understand now this concept of forever. I understand how much I need you in my life. It's you and me until the ends the earth.”




Love is acceptance of everything that you are.

The Couple: Paolo Trillo and Rissa Mananquil. Paolo was the missing key to complete the family.

The Sweet Spot: Rissa vows, “You’ve not just made one person so happy but two, Enzo and me. I’m so happy I’m standing in front of you now. Ngayon, buo na ang pamilya namin ni Enzo.”



Love is an everyday commitment.

The Couple: Evan Santos and Amanda Lapus. Too many frogs, until the prince came.

The Sweet Spot: Evan vows, “I have never been more sure of anything in my life. I was never a forever kind of guy, but the moment I met you, I knew I can do this forever.”




Love is made perfect in God’s beautiful time.

The Couple: BJ Albert and Nikki Gil. They waited, and it was worth it.

The Sweet Spot: Nikki vows, “There are days when I wish I’d known you earlier but I believe God makes all things beautiful in His time.



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