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The Six Fix: Your Ultimate Guide to Decoding What Flowers to Give Every Girl in Your Life

The Six Fix: Your Ultimate Guide to Decoding What Flowers to Give Every Girl in Your Life

Not sure what bouquet of flowers to give your special someone this Valentine's Day? We're making things easier for you with this comprehensive guide:


1. Tulips

Next to roses, tulips are the most-loved flowers out there. Generally associated with “perfect love,” tulips have various meanings depending on the color, which can range from purity (white tulips) to affection (pink tulips).


2. Carnations

Another good alternative to roses, carnations are cheaper, and actually last longer. Just like tulips, different colors of carnations convey different messages, ranging from gratitude (pink carnations) to admiration (light red carnations). Liza Soberano is one of the many who has been charmed by this flower.


3. Sunflowers

The bright colors on these flowers are likened to the sun itself. Give these to your loved one to convey your happiness and warmth towards your relationship.


4. Lilies

These flowers represent power and compassion, and they are perfect if you want a bouquet that best represents accomplishments and class. Newly-engaged Isabelle Daza is a fan of this sophisticated flora.


5. Orchids

These is a good choice to showcase the beauty and strength of your relationship. Having a natural fragrance, these flowers will not just be visually pleasing to your lover, but scent-sational as well.


6. Succulents

Albeit a kind of cacti, succulents are becoming a popular alternative for flowers on Valentine’s Day. They may be spiny and delicate, but these plants are easy to take care of, and they can last for years, just like your love for your partner.


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