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#ThisModernLove: This Is How It's Like Exploring the World With Someone You Call Home

#ThisModernLove: This Is How It's Like Exploring the World With Someone You Call Home

Do not look for love in the same place you lost it, they say. It’s not something you find but rather something that finds you, they say. By now and since time immemorial, so much has been said about it. But what really happens when two people stumble upon love, probably when they weren’t even looking—on the road and out of their comfort zones?

Jonathan Howe and Kach Medina of community travel blog Two Monkeys Travel Group reveal the many detours and destinations they shared together as two people who only bargained to see the world and got more in return.


Starting Point

It’s one thing to meet someone from traveling, and another, to decide getting together and see the world. How it came about for Jonathan and Kach was more or less easy though, to say the least. “The key thing is that we both had very similar goals and no plans to return home from traveling, so it was quite a good fit and wasn’t like we were making massive changes to allow for it,” Kach says. Since then, they’ve gotten to know each other deeper with Kach saying, "The most remarkable thing I’ve discovered is just how adaptable and resilient we both arewe’ve thrown ourselves in the deep end of so many situations and always come of it well, or at least with some stories to tell.”


The Roadblocks

Ultimately, when couples travel together, physical struggles and those affecting their relationship are bound to arise sooner or later. Keeping the positivity, Kach notes, “There are no ‘lowest moments,’ because they become some of the best stories later on. Having said that, we slept in some pretty horrible train stations in India and missing our connecting flight in Riyadh wasn’t fun either!” She adds, “The best thing about traveling together is that you always have someone to fall back on, ask advice from, and rely on when you’re feeling sickall those things. The least favorite thing is probably when you’re both tired and really you should be kept very separate, but you have to be in a very small space together!”


Sweet Stopovers

For a couple who spends their life immersing in different places and cultures, you can’t help but wonder about the best sights they’ve seen, the fondest memories they keep. For them, the most romantic things they’ve done on the road were: “Our first date, riding my motorbike around the beautiful, mountains of Luang Prabang in Laos; Hitch hiking the Caraterra Austral in Chilean Patagonia; Getting engaged in San Blas, on a Caribbean desert island.” Kach goes on to add, “If ‘love on the road’ is what you want, then you’re more likely to find it on the road than you are at home, in a bar, or in an office.”


A Never-ending Journey

With moving from one place to the other, we wonder how the traveling couple gets to balance their sense of stability and adventure in their relationship. Again, it’s one thing to find love on the road and another, to keep it. Kach enlightens us with truly a revealing answer. “Most people build stability around themselveshouse, family, job, routinewe’ve decided not to have that, so we have to be our stability. We also have some stability in our future planswe plan to buy a piece of land, build a home, and have kids in the next couple of years, which won’t stop us from traveling, but will definitely change how we travel! It helps that we have a long term goal together, we’re not just floating around aimlessly and there’s more to our relationship than travel. Every new thing that we do and new place that we see means more memories, photos, and stories together.”


Jonathan and Kach may not have literally stumbled upon each other but it’s clear as day that love found them. And just like in all beautiful things such as that, we do hope and root that love stays with them wherever they may be in the world. They may never want to come home, but as they show us, home is really anywhere with someone you love who loves you back. 


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Photographs courtesy of Kach Medina




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