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Cheat Sheet: Four Twinning Techniques Inspired by Your Fave Celebs

Cheat Sheet: Four Twinning Techniques Inspired by Your Fave Celebs

Looking forward to the awwws you will elicit and likes you will garner when you post your couple OOTD but your guy is not in the mood to work it with you? Time to call in your reinforcements: You can get that fab twinning photo with your favorite pal, colleague, or family member in as easy as 1, 2, 3—don’t believe us? Check out Liza Soberano, Julia Barretto, Alex Gonzaga, and Isabelle Daza’s winning twinnings with some of their closest friends for ideas on how to rock it with your friends, whether planned or you know, if it just happens:


If you've got time to plan your twinning outfits, pick a quirky color. Because most likely, your friend will be more game to shift from model pose to model pose with you, more than your man, so go as outrageous as you can be when it comes to your color (or print) choices—or as outrageous as your friend will allow. Also make sure to not dress exactly alike, but to use your color theme as the main anchor of your outfit, like Isabelle Daza and photographer BJ Pascual’s orange/brown/ochre palette.


Maximize the power of wide mirrors. Art directed full shots are not the only twinning winners. As Julia Barretto and her go-to hairstylist John Valle shows, making the most out of that mirror is a great way to get that money shot. But instead of looking all pose-y, try looking at your camera or phone’s viewfinder for that perfect we-didn’t-put-an-effort-into-this-but-we-look-chic photo.


Be the yin to his/her yang. After deciding on a color theme, agree on opposite style takes. Liza Soberano and her stylist, Perry Tabora, went for feminine and androgynous, respectively, but still look coordinated not just because of their color palette, but also because of the similar laidback nature of their outfits.


Or pull out all the stops. You really can’t go 100% matchy matchy with your guy because women’s clothing items don’t all have counterparts in the male side of things, right? Take advantage of the fact that you and your twinning partner now have much more in common and dress in similar pieces, from head to toe. Alex Gonzaga and her friend Katz Betito even opted for the same flowy hairstyling.


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