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Hey You! Girl Who Always Says She's Fat

Hey You! Girl Who Always Says She's Fat

It’s not you, it’s your perspective.

You fit into your clothes, can walk and run with ease and look perfectly normal. Yet we wonder why you continuously fat shame yourself in public. Is it really because of your size? Or is it all about your insecurities?

Yes, the society we live in has its own standards when it comes to the word 'beautiful.' But just because that skinny girl gets the supermodel title doesn't mean you're not a stunner in your own right. So why belittle yourself? 

Gaining a little weight doesn’t make you fat. Indulging in your favorite dessert doesn’t, either. Have you seen people who are truly suffering from obesity? The word fat equates to humiliation and eating disorder for them. But to you, it mostly means not looking thin in your selfies. It's not fair for them, and for you as well.

You are fab, not fatgive yourself the chance to see that.


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