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The Six Fix: Effective Ways to Unleash Your Inner Chef

The Six Fix: Effective Ways to Unleash Your Inner Chef

So you haven’t cooked a dish in your entire life. But there’s something in you that remains at least a bit curious. In a Maggi cooking activity called Daza Way You Cook It! held last February 6 at The Cookery Place, Chef Sandy Daza of Wooden Spoon shared how you can unleash your inner charm for cooking and get started in the kitchen.


1. Find a confidence-building recipe. Chef Sandy describes this as easy-peasy recipes you can whip just so long as you know how to read and follow instructions. From the words itself, these recipes easily build your confidence to get you cooking your next recipe.


2. Know basic plating. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time to cook or not. You can observe how the pros in the food business do it when you dine out or you can just search for #foodporn photos and you’ll learn a thing or two. When in doubt, play with heights, and you’re set.


3. Sample a bit of everything. The recipe says rice wine, chili sauce, and chorizo. Supposed you don’t know the taste of any of that, don’t be afraid to sample it. It’s important you know their flavors so you can understand what works well or what doesn’t the next time.


4. Play with colors. A dish looks more enticing when it has more colors in it. Take fried rice, for example. We bet you wouldn't want sad-looking fried rice that probably looks “tutong”. Even Paella Negra’s black ink meets with other vibrant colors when they serve it.


5. Learn to adjust. Like, literally. Did you put in too much sugar? Was it too salty for a normal taste bud? Adjust when needed. Repeat until satisfied.


6. Get creative. Cooking for the first time may have you feeling uncertain about almost everything. The key is to not let that eat you up (even if we’re talking about cooking and eating here) and to just get out of the box more and experiment a bit. 


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