Design Tips: 5 Ways to be Space-Savvy at Your Condo like the Japanese

Design Tips: 5 Ways to be Space-Savvy at Your Condo like the Japanese

The struggle is real especially if you live in a condo unit.

Sometimes, it's hard to imagine how to fit everything in, let’s say, a 35 SqM unit without compromising on comfort. Space issues become more of a problem should you and your partner live together under one unit. Chances are that couples would argue on who gets to have the bigger allocation for their personal belongings. For such problems, couples can learn a thing or two from the Japanese, who are trendsetters for creatively designing homes in small spaces, 

At a loss on how you and your partner can live harmoniously in that 35 SqM unit? Here are some of the Japanese’s tricks of the trade when it comes to making the most out of the limited space they have for their homes:


Foldable desks. Instead of getting a regular desk, the Japanese would opt for desks that fold up by the wall when not in use. Through this approach, couples gain extra space at times when a desk is not needed. When not in use, the desk serves as a door to a cabinet, killing two birds with one stone.


Multipurpose toilets. Known for being compact, the Japanese would put as many bells and whistles as possible, and this is the case with most of their toilets, which also function as sinks after using them. While this kind of toilet would be expensive, couples would appreciate the myriad of functions these toilets have, which include heated toilet seats, a bidet, and a deodorizer.


Curtains and sliding doors as dividers. Instead of walls, Japanese residents would opt to use curtains and sliding doors as a means of dividing one condo unit according to specific rooms. This approach helps in couples having more flexibility in arranging their condo units, while at the same time offering adequate privacy as well.


Sliding bookcases. We are sure that couples would love to bond together with a good set of books, but how does one store their books without using too much space? The solution is by having nested bookcases, which slide sideways to reveal a storage for books. If both you and your partner are into collecting comics, books, novels, and the likes, this is an elegant and space-saving solution one can consider.


Stairs that double as cabinets. Relevant especially for those whose condo units consists of two floors, the space the stairs would consume would be utilized by turning them into cabinets. These cabinets can be used to store a variety of items, from clothes and shoes, to appliances like vacuum cleaners. An added plus: Couples can choose to divide the storage according to their respective needs. 


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